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  1. icould compte

    Here are two solutions on how to bypass iCloud Activation Lock. First, you can bypass iCloud Activation Lock via DNS. Just go to "Wi-Fi Settings" and choose the "i" symbol next to the WiFi network. Then you can emove the existing DNS, input the new DNS according to your location:USA/North America:, Europe:, Asia: The other method is to let iCloud bypass Activation Lock after you navigate to Official iPhone Unlock. And you need to enter your IMEI code.
  2. Thanks for sharing the methods to fix iMessage waiting for activation error. Since Airplane mode can help iPhone users to get rid of "Waiting for activation" message and restore iPhone to normal, maybe I can try this function in next time when I suffer from iMessage not activating issue.
  3. iPhone 4s bloqué

    If your iPhone is locked or stuck, you can hard reset your iPhone by pressing and holding the "Home" and the "Sleep/Wake" buttons at the same time. Or you can recover your iPhone with iTunes as below. Connect iPhone with computer > Put iPhone into DFU mode > Restore iPhone in iTunes. Or you can try other ways to restore iPhone without iTunes.
  4. How to recover lost iPhone photos?

    In order to prevent valuable iPhone photos from losing forever, you need to regularly back them up via iTunes and iCloud. Hence you can recover deleted iphone photos from your previous backup files. Assuming that you don't back up the accidentally deleted photos which are just erased a moment ago, then you can directly recover data from iOS device itself. Please remember that you need to stop using your iPhone immediately when you delete your photo files by accident.
  5. I use Google Drive to back up my phone data.