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Hello everybody, today am very happy to announce the opening of my new website called Airmovies Beta. This website allows you to stream hight quality movies on your iDevice. First of all, there are good news and bad news, the good one is that the Beta version of this site is FREE, the bad one is that this website is not yet launched in the english version, only the french version is availible. This is the BigU killer site, easy to use, free and high quality.

  1. Subscribe at http://fr.airmovies.net/
  2. Visit http://fr.airmovies.net using your iPhone/iPod Touch
  3. Login and enjoy! That's it!

And to get the website's icon on the home page follow these simple steps:

  • When you're on the website press this button:
  • Click Add to the homepage (Ajouter à la page d'accueil in french)
  • A window will appear, click Add (Ajouter in french)
  • You'll have the icon on your homepage!

Sorry our american and english freinds but the english version will come soon ;)

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I am watching movies with Play View. It's an amazing experience.

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