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Recently, i get a data eraser tool from my friends and i have it on iPhone,

The junk files have been stored on the iPhone have a long time,

How to get iPhone, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Before, i have tried some way to deleted them from iphone, as we all know, even if the files has been deleted iPhone. They can be easy on iPhone,

We have not permanently deleted them on iPhone, after i used this erase tool to wipe them, i can not restore them back, is not it amazing?
So we must be careful this tool operation, once the data is cleaned by this eraser tool, we have no chance to recover back, there
are some option:

How to wipe junk files on iPhone 

How to remove photos, contacts.SMS on iPhone 

How to free up iPhoen space 

And more 

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If you need to delete data from your idevices completely, use an ios data eraser tool, I think that is helpful.

You can erase all data without possibility to recover them, but remember to backup them first.

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