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    Le Jailbreak iOS 6.1 disponible dimanche

    Jailbreak semi-untethered For iOS 6.1.3 and iOS 6.1.4 " Simple Tuto " 06 October, 2013 Before you start - Connect your iPhone or iPod touch to your computer - Download the latest version of Redsn0w. - Launch Redsn0w. (If you use Windows 7, I recommend you run Redsn0w in compatibility mode with Windows XP) Step 1 - Click Extras> Select IPSW and select firmware iOS 6.0 (not 6.1.3) for your device. Redsn0w recognize your firmware and tells you to. Click "OK" and return to the mainmenu. Step 2 Click to "Jailbreak" Press "Next" Step 3 Select "Install Cydia" and click "Next" Step 4 Now you need to put your iDevice into DFU mode. The Dev Team says it is necessary to turn off, then back on his iDevice before placing it into DFU mode. I recommend youdo so before any other manipulation. Once done, click "Next" Redsn0w then put youriDevice into DFU mode, here's how. - Hold the POWER button on your device for 3 seconds - Then hold the HOME button and hold the power button for 10 seconds - Release the POWER button while still maintaining the HOME button until redsn0wreact The jailbreak your iDevice begins, here's what you need to get on the screen : Step 5 You now have your jailbroken iDevice under iOS 6.1.3. Cydia is not yet present on your Springboard, you must first perform a Boot Tethered using Redsn0w. Refer to the video for more details. visit us on : http://www.jailbreaktop.com/ iOS 7: 20 practical tips and hidden features in the new (update: added 10 new) 06 October, 2013 Now this is normally a timeiOS 7 is in your hands andyou might begin to familiarize yourself with the new design. I am even sure that, many times, withoutyou realizing it toured the 10new test immediatelypresented here. Under the spell of the newiOS you probably want to gofurther so we put together asmall collection of tips to make the most of iOS 7. Forward: The side of the photo, everyone does not know, but the iPhone 5s is not the only onewith the burst mode. Try to press and hold the shutter button camera and then take a look at the film ... This is not new, but still good to remember, a long press on the button to create a new email provides instant access to a handy draft menu. This other little tip for this time iMessages. To delete or transfer from an iMessageconversation, nothing more simple. Double click on a bubble to bring up a menu withthe 'copy' option or 'more'. By pressing 'More', then it is possible to select one or morebubbles to transfer (the arrow at the bottom) or remove (the trash) Many new acts have been added to the interface of iOS 7 and among them is aparticularly convenient. In Safari, in email or in notes, a shift from right to left or left toright to switch to the next or previous page. To know everything or almost of these new gestures do not hesitate to read this article. If the settings are accessible via the control center, consider asking Siri. Bluetooth,WiFi, Airplane Mode or not to disturb the embedded wizard will assist you. Speaking of Siri, you know it is now possible to give him a female voice? To do this, management settings of the iPad to find the General tab and then activate Sirivoice of a woman. and say hello ma'am! Third and final trick Siri, scrolling up the screen, it is possible to access the latestorders placed with the wizard. A recent history which can be handy! Knowing the time of receipt or sending an iMessage: the application has changedand it contains a few little secrets. Among them, a swipe from left to right will bring upthe time on the right side of the screen Check his Twitter feed from Safari: Safari has not been spared and offers many new features that we have the opportunity to talk. One of them is particularly useful andprovides access links directly over his Twitter from the browser. A simple click on the icon at the bottom of the bookmark screen opens a page with three tabs. Hedominated the @ symbol displays shared your Twitter feed links. Another click andthe page opens immediately keeping the tweet to top More details for the weather: The weather application is particularly pretty, butsecretive. By clicking on the temperature, it is possible to access additionalinformation such as wind speed, humidity, wind chill or even rates. Practice! Easy to access the weather app: by activating the notification center a shift up and down, it is possible to check the forecast in the tab today. By pressing this text, it will send you directly to the weather app Find the search, if you are used to conduct research on iOS then you may have noticed that the search had disappeared from its usual location. Now, a small slip up and down will bring up the search screen from any of your pages App. Another tip inapps Message or email, research also lies above the first message, a simple swipewill appear. Customizing the Mail box : When multiple email boxes on the iPhone is managed is quickly bazaar . IOS 7 provides an interesting solution to adapt the application to your needs. By clicking edit at the top right , you can choose whether to display some boxes , but also a box containing only the unread mails, mails , those containing an attachment or to reorganize order . Kill several applications at once : Access to switched applications in the background is , as before, by double clicking the home button . Whether to permanently close an app simply send it to the top, up there with several fingers , it is possible to close multiple apps without exceeding 3 . Level: I want red : You probably know that the compass app now features a strange bubble level ( we talked about here 10 things to see in iOS 7 | http://www.iphon.fr/post/ top -10 -Special - ios -7] ) . Default if it is black, it is possible to display it in red by clicking anywhere on the screen. This is not very useful, but it has the merit to exist Discover updates its apps : updating apps is now automatic. Yes, you understand , it's going to do it alone , provided that the option is enabled. To verify that this is the case , simply make your Settings and iTunes Store and App Store , and check that the update switch is green. But if it is automatic, how do you know what has changed ? it's simple , Apple has planned a small blue dot to the left of the icon of the application on the springboard for change and never launched from updating apps. And the details? By going to the App Store app in Updates tab to date, you find the date updates and detail application. Practice. For those who are wondering how to clean this list, it is not possible manually.